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Different Grades and Benefits of Cedar Wood Decking in Jamaica

Cedar wood is a type of wood that originates from various types of trees referred to as “cedars” which are cultivated in a variety of regions around the world. They have various purposes and uses. Cedar trees are coniferous trees, meaning they have needle-like leaves that range from intense blue-green to vibrant green. These trees, frequently related to evergreen fir trees, can grow up to 100 ft. in height — sometimes higher. They have brown seed cones that take about a year to reach maturity and then split up and distribute their seeds in their air once they’re mature.

When you’re looking for a timelessly natural look in your decking material, the classic cedar is a great choice.

Grades of Cedar Wood

Decking cedar boards come in various grades. Each provides a distinct appearance and range of pricing.

• Custom clear: These cedar boards feature very little blemishes and knots and offer a highly sophisticated appearance with impressive stability and durability.

• Architect clear: These cedar boards are free of blemishes and knots and feature an appealing fine grain. It’s the finest quality board in appearance and structure.

• Custom knotty: These cedar boards feature larger knots and add even more personality to your decking project. It’s actually the most affordable option in cedar decking.

• Architect knotty: These cedar boards provide a rustic look, featuring a smooth surface and tight knots providing a whole lot of stylish charm.

When building decking for your house, there are a few things you should consider. Shape, size and location are all things to consider in your new project, but among the most essential decisions you can make with your new decking project is the materials you’re going to use. These days, there are a few different options. You could go with composite deck boards made from recycled materials rather than natural wood. Or you can decide on a more classic and traditional look for your deck by going with cedar wood.

Benefits of Cedar Wood Decking

Below are five benefits of going with cedar wood decking in Jamaica.

1. Durable

• Is naturally resistant to decay, insects and rot

• Tends to last longer

• Resists moisture absorption

• Doesn’t split or warp easily

• Requires less maintenance

Cedar decking can last up to 20 years or more, depending on environment and maintenance.

2. Versatile

Used the most, western red cedar is resin- and pitch-free, which makes it better for allowing and holding many different bleaches, stains, translucent finishes and colors. It also comes in many different:

• Textures

• Dimensions

• Grades

3. Attractive

Cedar is typically a more appealing wood option with strong consistency and color tones that you can sand, stain and treat for a beautiful finish.

4. Affordable

While a cedar deck isn’t a material that’s the least expensive, it’s an affordable wood, given it’s various benefits.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Many individuals are happy to learn cedar is actually more superior and environmentally friendly compared to synthetic products. It provides a net negative greenhouse gas impact (it eliminates these gases from our atmosphere) and is biodegradable and renewable. It also doesn’t degrade the natural forests of the world because it’s produced from sustainably managed forests.

Cedar decking has a good smell and weathered look and can be less costly than composite. It also doesn’t require as much work as pressure-treated timber. Call in a professional to help you decide if cedar decking is for you.

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