Why Choose Exotic Walnut Wood for your Next Project in Antigua and Barbuda

One popular home renovation project is hardwood flooring. But, with so many different types of wood out there, it can be hard to decide on the best wood for your project. When you’re looking for durability, aesthetics and quality, walnut wood might be a good option for you. Walnut comes from a tree that grows


Tips on Working with Mahogany Wood in the Turks And Caicos

Mahogany is largely considered one of the more attractive species of wood around, particularly for woodworking jobs. Even plain mahogany boards look stunning with their red-copper hues. Mahogany wood has been a staple of fine furniture making and woodworking for hundreds of years. For your home projects in the Turks and Caicos, if you’re looking

Different Grades and Benefits of Cedar Wood Decking in Jamaica

Cedar wood is a type of wood that originates from various types of trees referred to as “cedars” which are cultivated in a variety of regions around the world. They have various purposes and uses. Cedar trees are coniferous trees, meaning they have needle-like leaves that range from intense blue-green to vibrant green. These trees,

Why Cypress Wood is a Good Natural Choice for your Home’s Deck in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Cypress is one of nature’s most reliable and durable woods. For centuries, it’s long been a favored material for exterior application use like fencing, siding, furniture, shingles and landscape designs. However, recently, cypress wood’s durability has gained its newfound popularity as being a reliable deck product, particularly with the concerns that have arisen about certain

Different Uses for Teak Wood in St. Lucia

With a latin name of Tectona, teak is a deciduous tree that often grows up to 130 feet (40 meters) tall. Ideally, teak trees need to be a minimum of 40 years old for only the best wood to be harvested, however, thanks to today’s technology, great quality wood can still be produced even out

Salt Water Resistant

5 Reasons Why Ipe is so Popular in the Caribbean

1. Salt Water Resistant Ipe Decking is incredibly dense and can thus resist a great many natural elements.  Salt water is very corrosive to any material, but ipe wood is hardly affected by it.  Wood or Lumber is not known for being moisture resistant – in fact, it is well known that water deteriorates wood

3 essential questions to ask before hiring someone to install your tropical hardwood

Getting the right type of hardwood for your project is important, and Ipe Wood Decking Bahamas can guide you through which wood and products to use. We will also help you calculate how much material and hardware you will need. However, when it comes to installing, you will have to find a trusted installer. Whether

Ipe Decking Installation – Ways Of Installing an Ipe Deck

Ipe is known by many builders as the ideal choice for decking. It is the recommended wood for exterior structures thanks to its hardness, strength, and durability. This exotic wood has many benefits, such as not rotting, splintering, or overheating. Since ipe is so dense and hard, it requires special hardware and tools when installed.

Six Accessories to Consider When Using Ipe Wood

  According to most deck builders and homeowners, Ipe wood is an ideal choice among hardwoods. The unique and incredible properties of the wood such as hardness and density usually require special accessories. To get the best results when using Ipe wood, be it for furniture, decking, flooring or several uses, it is best to

Choosing a Deck – Wood or Plastic?

There is a good number of decks, available in various designs and style. Anyone can get deck building ideas from these designs and layout plans for their own deck. But the question that most beginner deck builders or homeowners ask is ‘which deck to go for–wood or plastic?’ This question brings no surprise. Because of