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Why Choose Exotic Walnut Wood for your Next Project in Antigua and Barbuda

One popular home renovation project is hardwood flooring. But, with so many different types of wood out there, it can be hard to decide on the best wood for your project. When you’re looking for durability, aesthetics and quality, walnut wood might be a good option for you.

Walnut comes from a tree that grows to be around 100 ft. tall and has an up to 60″ trunk in diameter. Walnut wood can range in color from chocolate brown, to dark brown to light brown. Walnut’s color varies between species and is impacted by the space in which it grows. It’s rich and warm in color and finishes well.

Walnut trees are found throughout Europe and warmer regions. Walnut trees are also native to America, North Africa and Asia. They’re originally from Persia, Asia Minor and Greece.

Walnut wood has great processing qualities, allowing it to be well profiled, polishing, planing and carving.

Uses of Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is often used in:

• Carvings

• Knickknacks

• Furniture

• Veneers

• Cabinets

• Flooring

Benefits of Walnut Wood

There are a number of benefits to using walnut wood in your house. For instance, walnut flooring is very durable. And, you can even mop a walnut hardwood floor, unlike less durable flooring options, without having to worry about rotting and warping. It’s a strong wood, so it’s resistant to insects, chipping and other damage. Even though walnut flooring can be a bit more costly than other wood options, it’s durability will extend your floor’s lifespan and add value to your home.

Walnut wood flooring is visually appealing as well. You can match it with various shades of wood that range from light to dark. It shows off the wood grain’s natural variety, leading to an interesting and unique appearance. Also, if you have to adjust the wood’s color, walnut is a very versatile choice because it’s receptive to staining.

Species of Walnut Wood

The walnut family has 21 species. Some varieties include:

• Bastogne

• Claro

• English walnut

Bastogne walnut is a rare hardwood. IT’s a cross between English walnut and Claro and is frequently used for making gun stocks because of its hardness and strength. Claro’s color is a bit complex and often possesses an extreme figure, making it perfect for making musical instruments. English walnut has various common names which includes the Persian walnut. People having been using this wood for centuries for furniture and gun stocks. English walnut’s grain is exceptionally fine, holding an edge very well.

When it comes to being eco-friendly, walnut wood is a good option. By selecting a sustainably-sourced domestic variety, the materials aren’t in transit as long, decreasing the carbon footprint. You might find it worth it to take walnut’s durability into consideration since it ensures a piece lasts for over 50 years when made by a quality craftsman. Individuals could throw away 10 cheap pieces of particle board in this same time period.

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