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Different Uses for Teak Wood in St. Lucia

With a latin name of Tectona, teak is a deciduous tree that often grows up to 130 feet (40 meters) tall. Ideally, teak trees need to be a minimum of 40 years old for only the best wood to be harvested, however, thanks to today’s technology, great quality wood can still be produced even out of a 10 year old tree.
Lumber is undoubtedly one of the most appealing exterior options for outdoor furniture and decking. An exterior home area is well worth your investment and will improve your quality time when you can:

• Entertain
• Dine
• Relax

Solid teak wood flooring and decks are striking in appearance and can last a long time. They also require little maintenance, making them popular among homeowners in St. Lucia and all over the world. As a favored tropical hardwood species and endorsed by professionals, teak is considered the leading choice.

Teak is truly one of the most natural and stunning hardwood materials you can use for all components of your architectural projects either outdoors like landscaping and decking projects or indoors like paneling and flooring. The teak species is native to regions in Southern Asia, but because of the growingly high demand for the wood making it a favorite worldwide, plantations have been spread all over tropical regions of Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Another particular feature of this wood is it’s texture which makes it the perfect lumber choice for decking. It has straight grains, however, some logs do look to be wavy or interlocked. Unfinished teak’s authentic feel is what makes it superior and outstanding to synthetic decking, flooring and furniture materials. It’s very closed-grained texture offers a comfortable underfoot surface while you’re:

• Walking
• Sitting
• Lying down

Some Uses for Teak Wood

1. Decking

Teak wood is robust and tough and very strong in nature. It easily sustains scratching and denting, so it provides a very robut and attractive feel and look. It’s native to tropical climates and has adapted to the tempreature and moisture conditions. The species has been provided an outstanding adaptation through the growing environment so it can withstand climate variations easily. It stands beautifully and firmly even through the most humid conditions because of its natural oil content.

The oily characteristic of teak wood also protects it from:

• Bacteria
• Insects
• Termites

Despite its oily feel, interestingly enough, teak decking is slip resistant for foot traffic in wet areas so you don’t have to ever worry about unfortunate slips and falls.

2. Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture and seating, teak still is the golden standard. Since teak has amazing weathering capabilities, it’s a very popular material for long-lasting outdoor furniture. Teak lumber’s consistency and high quality makes it very popular as well. You can get it in all lumber sizes for any of your teak furniture projects.

3. Flooring

Teak floors are extremely popular in high end apartments and homes. It offers warmth and lasts a long time so it lasts for many generations. Because teak does last a long time outdoors, it makes sense that it can last even longer indoors.

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