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Six Accessories to Consider When Using Ipe Wood


According to most deck builders and homeowners, Ipe wood is an ideal choice among hardwoods. The unique and incredible properties of the wood such as hardness and density usually require special accessories. To get the best results when using Ipe wood, be it for furniture, decking, flooring or several uses, it is best to use tools/accessories that are specially designed for the wood lumber. In this post, we will be seeing six accessories that can be used when handling Ipe lumber, especially when used in Ipe decking. These accessories are designed to ensure maximum results are obtained when using Ipe lumber. Let’s get started.

Stainless Steel Deck screws: made from premium quality 305-grade stainless steel, these screws are reliable for ensuring hardwood, and composite deck boards hold tight to the joist. Deck builders will this screw type very convenient in fastening any brand of decking. These screws are built for excellent performance and an ideal choice for composite Ipe decking.

Some of its features include:
Driving with ease
Easy installation
Ability to withstand elements (resistance to rusts)

Deck board straightening tool: the tool is designed to straighten deck boards precisely and with ease. The accessory makes straightening hardwood board a less tedious and more exciting process. Most hardwoods are very unwieldy, and a tool like this is all it takes to get them straightened. The straightening tool is easy to operate especially when compared to other methods of straightening deck boards. It has only one benefit – STRAIGHTEN EFFORTLESSLY – a benefit that gets a deck builder excited.

JoistTape: the joist tape can be applied over ledger boards, decking joists and around support posts. It creates a waterproof seal that prevents wood rot and wood decay. The tape is an essential component of any long-lasting Ipe decking. By preventing wood rot and wood decay, you can have your deck as long as it can be.

Hidden Deck fasteners: this accessory has stainless steel reinforcement. Deck fasteners are less exposed to moisture (since they are installed at the sides), reducing the likelihood of rusts and other damages caused by weather conditions. Hidden deck fasteners also give the deck a more uniform or consistent look, a feature not popular with face screws. They also allow the natural expansion of your Ipe decking.

Some extra features of the clip include:
Stainless steel reinforcement
Reliable deck board gaping
Quick and easy installation process

Ipe Oil Hardwood deck finish: this Ipe accessory is a natural wood finish with a formula to protect and preserve the look of the exotic wood. The oil finish which must be applied every six months (in a tropical climate) prevents Ipe from losing its brown color. Without the finish, Ipe may become discolored to either grey or silver. Nonetheless, the accessory does nothing to improve the integrity of the lumber as Ipe is naturally resistant to damages resulting from moisture, rut, insect attack and other common wood problems. The oil finish is also recommended for all exotic hardwood including Cumaru, Tigerwood and Ipe.

Deck tile connector system: deck tile connectors are used for square deck tiles with 20 x 20 or 24 x 24 dimensions. Deck tiles are usually installed using deck tile connectors. The main benefits of deck tile connectors are that they elevate deck tiles from wet surfaces preventing wood rot as well as creating uniformity for deck tiles. It does this by ensuring consistency in spacing for deck tiles.

When it comes to decking, Ipe wood is the best choice. It is the standard for comparing other hardwoods or woods in general. The features of Ipe lumber make it a go-to choice for any woodwork that needs to be present for a long time. However, to harness the full benefits of using the “ironwood” (Ipe) in your construction, you need to use the right accessories and resources. These accessories will facilitate the creation of an exotic, reliable and long-lasting structure, guaranteeing desired results. All the above products are featured on and can be purchased from a local dealer near you.

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