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Why Cypress Wood is a Good Natural Choice for your Home’s Deck in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Cypress is one of nature’s most reliable and durable woods. For centuries, it’s long been a favored material for exterior application use like fencing, siding, furniture, shingles and landscape designs. However, recently, cypress wood’s durability has gained its newfound popularity as being a reliable deck product, particularly with the concerns that have arisen about certain chemicals being used in pressure-treated wood.

More health-conscious homeowners are finding out the durable nature of cypress because of cypressene, a preservative oil, produced in cypress heartwood. This makes it resistant to many things, such as:

• Chemical corrosion

• Decay

• Damaging elements

• Insects

But, particularly what sets cypress wood apart for many design professionals and homeowners, it’s its stunning great looks.

It’s readily available in various visual grades. And, any graded #2 cypress or better should be good enough for meeting all the structural requirements of your deck. However, for noticeable parts of your deck, like handrails and balusters, select-grade cypress will provide you with the most appealing appearance.

A few important things you should know with cypress wood:

• While it’s a natural and durable decking material requiring very little maintenance, homeowners should keep their deck clear of debris and leaves that could lead to deterioration if allowed to gather up on top of the cypress. And, each year, you should apply a decent water repellent.

• Because cypress wood isn’t pressure-treated, you shouldn’t use it on parts of structures that come in contact with the ground.

• Cypress wood is versatile. It can be stained or painted. Along with decks it can also be used for gazebos, porches, railings, fence pickets, shingles, shutters, exterior trim, landscape design elements and window boxes.

Benefits of a Cypress Wood Deck

There are a number of benefits of using cypress wood for your decking project, including:

Repels Insects

Cypress’s natural oils repel termites and other insects. In fact the foundation of your home will act like a natural deterrent to insects and other pests.

Resistant to Rot

The natural oils in cypress wood resists decay, rot and fungus. All types of rot are blocked by cypressene.

Energy Efficient

The tight ringed, slow-growing cypress is denser than regular wood which makes it highly energy efficient and easily resist shrinkage.

Easy to Maintain

It’s simple to work with and is power too and hand friendly. Great at absorbing stains and resists warping and planes easily. 

Natural Preservative Oil

Cypressene is found in southern red cypress, providing a barrier against all types of rotting and insects.

Low Cost

When you compare it with other types of wood, cypress is a high longevity wood with a lower cost. You’ll spend less money building your home and maintaining it when you use cypress wood.

Although cypress is frequently used as a housing architectural wood, it also can be used for many similar applications as redwood or treated pine, like decking. This is because cypress is a highly durable and weather resistant wood  and will last you for years.

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